Here is a list of all active ICC committees. Click on each committee name to find out more about their activities. If you have any questions or if you'd like to join any of the committees, please directly contact the committee chairs: 

Public Relations & Community Engagement

This committee is responsible for all ICC communications and public relation activities. It will also be responsible to establish working committees to engage ICC members in the activities of the organization and attracting new members and volunteers for the organization. We welcome all interested volunteers! We are also looking for volunteers with previous experience in any of the following areas:

·         Knowledge and experience in writing formal Farsi and English letters/announcement/press releases.

·         Strong knowledge of web administration and previous experience with web management services (e.g. WordPress)

·         Familiarity with social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

·         Experience in photography, videography and video editing.

Those interested to join the PR committee should send an email to:


The Department of Culture shall have responsibility for all cultural activities. This shall involve the establishment of working committees for the development of plans and programs for the ICC’s cultural events and their implementation.

Those interested to join the Culture Committee should send an email expressing their interest to:

Policy Development

The Department of Policy Development shall have responsibility for policy development on issues identified by the board of directors. This shall involve the establishment of joint committees of non members and members for the development of policy for issues that have an impact on the Iranian-Canadian community or specific organizational processes that may affect ICC’s future. Those with previous experience in any of the following areas are encouraged to join this committee:

·         Previous experience in policy development for other non-profit or community organizations,

·         Experience in legal work.

·         Proficient in both English and Farsi and comfortable with translating documents from Farsi to English and English-to-Farsi.

Those interested to join the Policy Development committee should send an email including their resume or a brief explanation of their previous experiences to:

Youth Engagement

Responsible for helping Iranian-Canadian youth integrate and get involved in the multicultural society of Canada and within the ICC.

Contact for more info. 


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