The ICC Calls on Canadian Government to Re-Engage with Iran in the Wake of Rouhani's Victory

The Iranian people have spoken. They have stated loud and clear that they support dialogue and engagement with the international community.

The Iranian Canadian Congress recognizes the victory of President Hassan Rouhani in Iran’s 12th presidential election. The victory of President Rouhani, whose government instigated and negotiated the nuclear agreement (JCPOA), shows that the Iranian people support dialogue and engagement with the international community. By participating in this historic election, Iranians have demonstrated that they are committed to build a brighter future for their country through civic engagement and gradual but consistent improvement.

At this crucial time, we call on the international community and in particular the Canadian government to hear the voice of the Iranian people and their desire to re-engage with the international community in a mutually beneficial and peaceful manner. Specifically, we once again ask the Government of Prime Minister Trudeau to re-engage with Iran by re-establishing formal diplomatic relations and facilitate reopening of embassies in both countries.


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