Final Report: ICC Election Committee 2017 & Election Results

Here is the final report from the 2017 Election Committee of the Iranian Canadian Congress:

Dear Members of the Iranian Canadian Congress,


The ICC Election Committee is proud to announce the following:

A successful and transparent election was held on Sunday, May 28, 2017 with polls open from 11am to 4:00pm;

1)    Online voting: was administered for the first time this year through an online software, electionbuddy, which was chosen by the ICC Board of Directors (the Board) from Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 9am to Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 2pm in accordance with the ICC by-laws:

  1. The software was secured with no access by the Board or anyone else prior to the commitment of the online vote.  The software is also designed so that no changes can be made to the voting process once the vote has been initiated.
  2. A total of 295 members were eligible for online voting and sent instructions for doing so.  Of those 295 members, 190 voted.
  3. The result of the online vote was only known to the one (1) Election Committee member in charge of administering the online vote until the completion of the vote count on the day of the AGM.

2)    Voting the day of the AGM:

  1. By the start of voting on the day of the AGM, we were advised by the Board that the ICC had 498 members as of the cut of date of eligibility on May 25th, 2017:
  2. An additional 20 members renewed their membership on the day of the AGM;
  3. As those who voted online where not eligible to vote again in person, of the 518 members eligible to vote in the 2017 election, only 328 were eligible to vote in person.
  4. A total of 180 people voted in person or by proxy on the day of the AGM.

3)    Outome of the Election.

  1. The ICC had 518 members eligible to vote in this years AGM.
  2. Of the 518, 190 voted online with another 180 voted in person or by proxy the day of the AGM.
  3. The result of the voting process was as follows:

                                       i.    Motion 1: Acclamation of Board Members – 355 for; 7 against.

                                      ii.    Motion 2: Federal registration of the ICC – 355 for and 9 against.


4)    Irregularities raised:  The Election Committee had 2 formal complaints raised to it.  The first dealt with a new issue for the Board and the Election Committee around online voting; the decision of the Election Committee with respect to same is available here.   The second complaint dealt largely with issues the committee felt was outside of its jurisdiction and mandate.  No additional irregularities were raised by way of the formal complaint process in place for the day of the AGM.

5)    Destruction of IDs and proxy forms: Please note the personal information of those who voted by way of a proxy will be destroyed by the Election Committee.  The committee thanks voters for trusting the committee with their personal information in our efforts to safeguard against any concerns of irregularity that may have been raised.

We thank the members of our community, the Board, and our wonderful volunteers for helping make this election a success.


Respectfully yours,

ICC Election Committee 2017 (Pantea Jafari, Emily Houdi, Poyan Nahrvar)

May 30, 2017


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