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Please sign this petition and call on Canada Post's Stamp Advisory Committee to prioritize the inclusion of Nowruz Stamp in Canada Post's 2017 Stamp Program.











To the Attention of:

Stamp Advisory Committee

Canada Post Corporation

2701 Riverside Drive, Suite N1070

Ottawa, ON, K1A 0B1

We, the undersigned, are submitting this petition as members of the Iranian Canadian community to support the inclusion of commemorative Nowruz Stamp in Canada Post's 2017 or 2018 Canadian Stamp Program. 

  • Nowruz, "[The] New Day" in Persian, marks the beginning of spring with over 3000 years of colourful traditions. It is a time of great joy and family festivities celebrated by over 300 million people around the world.
  • Nowruz is one of UNESCO's intangible stances of cultural heritage of humanity, Nowruz is a non-religious non-political holiday that is shared by people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Nowruz is celebrated by almost 500,000 Canadians every year on March 21, a tradition we inherited from our ancestors.
  • Nowruz is a chance of revival, reconciliation, neighborliness, and contribution to diversity, friendship, and unity among people and communities - all of which are among fundamental values of Canadian society.
  • Nowruz Day Act, Bill C-342,  that was passed in 2009 in the Parliament of Canada respected Nowruz as a cultural heritage that exemplifies Canada’s great respect in multiculturalism and social diversity.

We urge the Stamp Advisory Committee at Canada Post to prioritize this matter and include Nowruz Stamp in its 2017 or 2018 Canadian Stamp Program. 

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