Urgent Action Alert: Senate Committee Votes on Sanctions Against Iran this Wednesday

We have been notified that the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade is expected to vote on Bill S-219: Non-Nuclear Sanctions Against Iran Act. during their session on Wednesday March 29th, 2017. We need your help!

Please call the Senators who are members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and ask them to vote against Bill S-219 in its entirety on Wednesday. Here you can find the contact info of the 15 members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. Please update us about the responses you receive by emailing us at info@iccongress.ca. You can find suggested discussion points at the end of this page.

Last Name, First Name Phone Number Email (Please call first) Party Affiliation
Bovey, Patricia 1-613-995-9176 Patricia.Bovey@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Cordy,Jane 1-613-995-8409 jane.cordy@sen.parl.gc.ca Liberal
Dawson,Dennis 1-613-995-3978 dennis.dawson@sen.parl.gc.ca Liberal
Downe,Percy 1-613-943-8107 percy.downe@sen.parl.gc.ca Liberal
Gold,Marc 1-613-995-9211 marc.gold@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Marwah,Sabi 1-613-947-6809 sabi.marwah@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Saint-Germain,Raymonde 1-613-995-9204 raymonde.saint-germain@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Woo,YuenPau 1-613-995-9244 YuenPau.Woo@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Cools,Anne 1-613-992-2808 anne.cools@sen.parl.gc.ca Non-affiliated
Andreychuk,Raynell 1-613-947-2239 raynell.andreychuk@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative
Ataullahjan,Salma 1-613-947-5906 salma.ataullahjan@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative
Oh,Victor 1-613-943-1880 senator.oh@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative
Patterson,DennisGlen 1-613-992-0480 dennis.patterson@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative
Housakos,Leo 1-613-947-4237 Leo.Housakos@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative
Ngo,ThanhHai 1-613-943-1599 thanhhai.ngo@sen.parl.gc.ca Conservative


Suggested discussion points:

  • Bill S-219 seeks to continue the same policies of economic and diplomatic disengagement from Iran that the previous Canadian administration endorsed and enacted.
  • The proposed bill derails government’s efforts to reengage with Iran by placing legislative obstacles on the diplomatic path and conditions on the government’s ability to control its sanctions regulations. 
  • Sanctions and diplomatic disengagement from Iran harms Iranian-Canadians, a population estimated at 300,000 countrywide, by: depriving them of consular services, criminalizing their legitimate business activities, exposing them to further discrimination by banks, and depriving them of representation by Canadian officials in Iran.
  • Sanctions and diplomatic disengagement from Iran harms Canada’s economy.

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