ICC Asks Amazon To Remove Hateful Anti-Iranian Shirt


Find below an email from ICC Board Member Younes Zangiabadi asking Amazon to remove a hateful shirt from its platform: 


Dear Mr. Bezos,

My name is Younes Zangiabadi and I am a board member at the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC). The ICC is an advocacy organization that represents the interests of the Iranian Canadian community in Canada.

I am writing to you to express my deep concerns, on behalf of our members, regarding an item that is being sold with racist and offensive notions against the members of our community and the Iranian community at large at your website. This T-shirt perpetuates and facilitates the spread of hate, violence, and Iranophobia and discriminates based on nationality.

With respect to Amazon's policy on banning “items that Amazon deems offensive,” which include products “that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.“, I am asking for the immediate removal of this item from your website.

Amazon has a history of acting against racist propaganda on its website, we hope the immediate and permanent suspension of this seller serves as another example that Amazon does not offer a platform for racism and have zero-tolerance policy towards violence.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Younes Zangiabadi

Board Member
Iranian Canadian Congress

ICC Information Session Recording

Hello ICC Members, 

As you know, the Iranian Canadian Congress held its Information Session yesterday October 18th at 6PM.

We are happy to announce that this was a successful event, one that was not only informative, but also in which attendees generously donated more than $1,000. 

We encourage you to watch the entire recording of the Information Session at this link

If you would like to donate to the Iranian Canadian Congress, we ask you to do so at this link


Board of Directors, 

Iranian Canadian Congress

ICC Fundraising Update: October

Dear ICC Members,

In the face of limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive team of the ICC has been extensively working to maintain the daily operation of the organization and advance the representation of the Iranian Canadian community in Canada during this time.

With your generous support, in the month of October, the ICC has raised $6,228.23 CAD and secured $4,500 CAD with pledged donors, which brings the donations to a total of $10,728.23 as of today. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported the ICC to protect and advance the interest of the Iranian Canadian community. 

We rely on our members’ donations to run this organization. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up soon and we need to raise more donations to ensure that we can cover the expenses of the ICC's elections in December. 

We have already started a strong month in October and we are certain that we can finish it even stronger with your generous support. 

You can use the following link for donation: https://www.iccongress.ca/donate

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution. 


Board of Directors

Iranian Canadian Congress

تقاضای همیاری و حمایت از جامعه ایرانی کانادایی در بحران کرونا

با توجه به شرايط همه گيری ويروس كرونا، توانايي كنگره براي جمع آوری حمايت های مالی به شدت محدود شده است. این درحالي است كه اعضای هیئت مدیره همواره کوشیده اند با تمامی محدودیت ها، فعالیت های خود را در راستای منافع جامعه ایرانی کانادایی به جلو ببرند.  

برای آگاهی شما عزیزان، بخشی از تلاش های کنگره که از آغاز همه گیری ویروس کرونا برای هموطنان انجام شده است را در زیر به اشتراک می گذاریم:

۱)‌ فعالیت در راستای حمايت از كسب و كار هاي كوچك و كار آفرینان ايراني- كانادايي و پيگيري با دولت كانادا و دولت هاي استاني برای حمایت از این دسته افراد در جامعه

۲) جمع آوری اطلاعات از صاحبان مشاغل مختلف در جامعه ايراني- كانادايي و تهیه ليستی شامل اطلاعات راجع به خدمات مختلفكسب و كار هاي ايراني برای حمایت از یکدیگر در روزهاي قرنطينه 

۳) برگزاری نظرسنجی عمومی اطلاعات فارسي درباره نیاز های جامعه‌ ایرانی از زمان شروع بحران كرونا در كانادا؛

۴) انتشار نامه عمومي و بيانيه براي پايان تحريم ها و جنگ اقتصادي آمریکا عليه ایران و ايرانيان كه توان اقتصادي و بهداشتي مقابلهبا كرونا را محدود كرده است؛

براي حمايت از كنگره ايرانيان كانادا در راستا تامین هزینه های جاری و خدمات به جامعه ايراني- كانادايي، از شما خواهشمندیم که كمك هاي مالي خود را ازطريق اين لينك پراخت كنيد.

شما همچنین می توانید با پرداخت ۱۰ دلار در سال عضو کنگره ایرانیان کانادا شوید و در انتخابات کنگره شرکت نمایید و صدای منتخب خود را برای نمایندگی جامعه انتخاب کنید.

2019 AGM Committee Summary Report

2019 AGM Committee has published the Summary Report, dated October 16th, 2020, regarding the verification of the ICC Member Registry as of December 9, 2018


Link: Verification of ICC Member Registry as of December 9, 2018



Update from the Iranian Canadian Congress

Dear ICC members,

In the interests of transparency, we are communicating to you that the ICC has been served a legal motion by applicants Babak Payami, Kamnoosh Shahabi, Mehrdokht Hadi, and Shayan Moin ("Payami et al."). You may find the full motion at this link. Because the motion is nearly 192 pages, we have extracted two of the demands of the motion, regarding the removal of directors and stopping the upcoming SGM, respectively, below:

7. An order pursuant to section 332 of the Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990 (“Act”) removing the Directors and an order appointing an interim board of directors (“Interim Board”) until the 2019 ICC Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and election have been held

12. An order for an interim/interlocutory injunction restraining the ICC or any person acting on its behalf or at its direction from holding the Special General Meeting ("SGM") currently scheduled for October 31st, 2020, from introducing any motions with respect to the "future of the organization" or from making an assignment into bankruptcy pending a final determination by this Honourable Court of the matters at hand

We will keep you posted as further developments occur.


Board of Directors,

Iranian Canadian Congress

Draft Financial Statements: 2018- 2020

Dear ICC Members, 

Further to our previous communications regarding the financial status of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) and in advance of the ICC's Information session on October 18th, 2020, please find below links to the ICC's draft financial statements for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020: 

Draft financial statement -- 2020 (Year to Date -- ending September 30th)

Draft financial statement -- 2019

Draft financial statement -- 2018

Please note that these financial statements are still drafts created in the interests of transparency and may not represent the final versions of the financial statements for the respective years in question. 

We would also like to note that the ICC is holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) on October 31st, 2020. We recommend that all members attend both the information session and the SGM. 

You may also find the minutes of the ICC Board of Directors' meetings at this link



Board of Directors

Iranian Canadian Congress

NOTICE: Special General Meeting of the Iranian Canadian Congress October 31st 2020

Dear Member of the Iranian Canadian Congress: 

The Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) will hold a Special General Meeting of Shareholders on October 31st, 2020 beginning at 4:00 PM., Eastern Standard Time, via Zoom web-conferencing (videoconference link to follow). We look forward to your attendance. 

This special meeting has been called for the purpose of discussing and deciding with our members the future of the ICC in the context of the considerable financial obligations that the Corporation has due to the ongoing settlement around the 2019 AGM and the coronavirus pandemic. Per Article 6 (General Meetings) of the Bylaws of the ICC, this is a 30-day notice of this meeting.  

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our appreciation for your continued interest in the ICC. The Notice is enclosed.



To Members: 

A Special General Meeting of Members of the IRANIAN CANADIAN CONGRESS will be held on October 31st, 2020 beginning at 4:00 PM., Eastern Standard Time, via Zoom web-conferencing (link to the meeting forthcoming), in order to: 

1. Discuss and decide with our members the future of the ICC in the context of the considerable financial obligations that the Corporation has due to the ongoing settlement around the 2019 AGM and the coronavirus pandemic. 

2. Conduct such other business as may properly come before the meeting and at any adjournment or postponement of the meeting. 


Board of Directors


For further information on the settlement, please visit this page.

Bulletin: Financial Status of the Iranian Canadian Congress and October 18th Information Session

Dear Members of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC),

As you may or may not be aware, the ICC is in a difficult financial position. This is both due to an ongoing legal case that the ICC is facing and because of the limitations on fundraising imposed on all organizations by the coronavirus pandemic.  

In the coming days, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the financial obligations and status of the organization. The ICC is also holding an information session for the purposes of communicating this information with the membership and to fundraise to meet these obligations on October 18th, 2020 at 6:00 PM. Please stay tuned for an email containing the financial status and web-conferencing information so that you can inform yourself as well as attend this meeting.

Further, please be advised that the Board of Directors has decided to call a Special General Meeting pursuant to Article 6 of the By-Laws to determine the future of the organization with members of the ICC. This Meeting will be held by web-conference and is scheduled for October 31st, 2020 at 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time. We strongly encourage all members to attend.


Board of Directors,

Iranian Canadian Congress

Update from ICC 2019 AGM Committee

Please see the posted court orders on the page linked below, especially the Sep 14, 2020 order of Justice Hainey pertinent to the 2019 AGM and Election which will be held on Sunday Dec. 13, 2020, online. 


2019 AGM and Election Page

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