ICC statement condemning harassment of women in the work place

    The Iranian Canadian Congress strongly condemns the harassment of women in the workplace and call on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to prevent such reprehensible acts. Harassment is a violation of women's fundamental rights, affecting both their mental and physical health, and it is our duty to stand together to end it.  In the current context, we are dismayed to learn of reported dismissal of a police officer of Iranian origin who claims to have been the victim of harassment on several occasions in the course of her work. This case and the case of other officers who had similar complaints in 2020, highlight the urgent need to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all women, regardless of background or profession.  It is imperative that the authorities take preventive measures to educate and sensitize employees, employers and colleagues on the devastating consequences of harassment. Strict policies must be put in place, accompanied by regular and mandatory training in respecting fundamental rights and the fight against harassment.   In addition, we urge the authorities to pay special attention to the situation of women who have been victims of harassment in their professional environment. It is essential to provide them with adequate support, both legal and emotional, in order to help them obtain justice. This requires the establishment of secure and confidential reporting mechanisms, independent rigorous and impartial investigations, as well as appropriate sanctions against harassers.  The recovery of the mental and physical health of the victims is an essential step in this process. We therefore encourage the authorities to put in place specialized support programs, including access to mental health professionals, legal advice and assistance with professional reintegration.  Together we must work to eliminate harassment of women in the workplace. Only by creating respectful, egalitarian and safe environments can we ensure the development and full participation of women in all aspects of society.  We therefore call upon the authorities, employers, workers and all citizens to mobilize against harassment in the workplace. By acting collectively, we can create lasting change and build a future where every woman is free to work without fear or discrimination.  Iranian Canadian Congress 
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    ICC Board Of Directors post AGM2023 and appointment of Officers & Department Chairs

        The Board of Directors of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) held its first official post-AGM2023 meeting on Tuesday April 18th, 2023. The board discussed administrative matters related to the transition of documents and records from the former directors and also appointed new executive officers and department chairs. The following appointments were unanimously approved by the Board: President: Dr. Arezou KhadirVice-President: Mona GhasemiTreasurer: Mohammad Vahidi RadSecretary: Dr. Amirhassan Ghassemi Tafreshi Co-Chairs of the Administration and Finance Department: Dr. Arezou Khadir, Mona Ghasemi Chair of the Policy Department: Dr. Amirhassan Ghassemi Tafreshi Chair of the Culture Department: Asoudeh Novin Co-Chairs of the Public Relations Department: Dr. Arezou Khadir, Mona Ghasemi Chair of the Culture Department: Asoudeh Novin Chair of the Service Committee: Daniel Sarvestani Chair of the Mental Health Committee: Dr. Raheleh Tarani Chair of the Research & Education Committee: Mona Borghei Chair of the Organizational Structure Committee: Reza Namdari Chair of the Communication policy Committee: Dr. Amirhassan Ghassemi Tafreshi Chair of the Content Development Committee: Mohammad Vahidi Rad Chair of the Cyberspace Committee: Reza Namdari
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