Statement regarding the recent escalation of conflict in the Red Sea

    Iranian Canadian Congress expresses disappointment in Canada’s decision to participate in the US-led military operation in the Red Sea. Given the exceptionally heightened tensions, these military interventions pose a significant risk of escalating West Asia into a full-scale war, which would be catastrophic for all parties involved, particularly the civilian population throughout the region.   For over three months, Canadians have been fervently urging their elected representatives to advocate for an immediate and lasting ceasefire to bring an end to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. It is imperative for the Canadian government to demand a ceasefire alongside South Africa in the International Court of Justice against the genocide in Gaza and call for the immediate removal of the blockade affecting the fundamental livelihood of the Gaza population, including access to clean water, food and medication.    We urge Canada to assume a constructive role in the region, fostering implementation of UN Resolutions, peace, justice and stability rather than contributing to war and destruction. Canadians seek a sustainable ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, fearing the potential expansion of the conflict into neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran.   Participating in military actions that jeopardize Canadian lives and perpetuate the loss of innocent men, women, and children in West Asia offers no benefit to Canadians and is instead a stain on Canada’s global reputation. It is crucial for Canada to prioritize diplomatic solutions and actively work towards a peaceful resolution in the region.  
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    The federal government's position on the Kerman terrorist attack

    The federal government's position on the Kerman terrorist attack: “Canada unequivocally condemns the attack in Kerman, Iran. We send our condolences to the families of victims and wish a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured. We welcome full investigations to determine responsibility for this act of terrorism and hold the perpetrators to account. Today, and every day, Canada stands with the people of Iran.” پاسخ دولت کانادا به کنگره ایرانیان کانادا درباره موضع دولت در قبال حمله تروریستی داعش در کرمان: کانادا به صراحت حمله در کرمان ایران را محکوم می کند. ما به خانواده های قربانیان تسلیت می گوییم و برای مجروحان شفای عاجل و کامل آرزو می کنیم. ما از تحقیقات کامل برای تعیین مسئولیت این اقدام تروریستی و بازخواست عاملان آن استقبال می کنیم. امروز و هر روز کانادا در کنار مردم ایران ایستاده است.
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