Introduction of AGM candidate Mohammad Rad

I’m Mohammad Vahidirad. My friends have known me as Mohammad Rad for a long time. 

Reasons I decided to run in the ICC elections: 

 For many years, in addition to my business activities, I have put social activities, especially helping immigrants, on my agenda. 

 I may be the only person in the Iranian-Canadian community who has held more than 300 free training seminars for Iranian community and its growth. 

 One of my characteristics that people have known for years that they can count on me and that they have the necessary confidence to raise their problems with me, and I have always tried to help them. 

My only reason for running in the election is to run the congressional education department.  I do not want to do anything else, I will just hold a free monthly educational webinar in the fields of entrepreneurship and employment for the people on behalf of the Congress. 

However, my personal approach is anti-sanctions, anti-violent behavior.  But I feel that the ICC needs first and foremost to be able to provide useful services to the people.  Therefore, my goal in the next year is to hold 12 webinars for the congress, each webinar will be 3 hours long, and the recorded videos of this webinar will be a memory for the people in the future. 

who am I: 

Theoretical mottos have never been enough for me and I have always focused on trying hard to practically operationalize and achieve my goals. However, I am also known as a business theorist and planner, and financing expert at an international level. 

Some of my customers, who are currently my friends, view me as a tree of money and wealth, and believe I have the ability create unique ideas. They recognize me as an economic analyst and business strategist. 

I am literally a pragmatic person. I have never been a good speaker, but can be a good friend and advisor. 

Many Years ago, I decided to immigrate from Iran to Canada. My immigration was not a reason for stopping my activities in entrepreneurship, but to take an opportunity to expand it. However, after years of living in Canada I learned you should remember the dreams you had when you came to the new country. Most of the times the realities are not as colorful as you expect them to be. Remember your dreams are the foundation of your achievements. 

My Work Experience 

  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Court of Arbitration member
  • World Chambers Federation (WCF) member
  • World Chambers Congress (WCC) member
  • Business with\from\in Canada Book’s Author
  • Creator and manager of Canadian franchise 01 Learning (First international Computer learning college for kids) (2019-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Canadian Lifestyle (Supplier of pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements) (2020-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Global Green Construction (first manufacturer of composite finished products) (2018-Present)
  • I-C-P composite production factory’s strategic development deputy (2019-Present)
  • Canada Iran Business Association CEO (2015-Present).
  • Founder of the legal and commercial group of RSM Capital (2015-Present).
  • Owner of the Canada Capital Code Technology company of advertisement and international trading (2014-Present).
  • Capital Ideal Holdings finance company owner (2014-Present).
  • Deputy and legal representative of Canada Multi-Invest financial resource company (2013-Present).
  • Founder and director of Hodhod Cultural Media (The first Persian language non-profit online media in Canada) (2013-Present). 
  • Member of the founding board of Persian Language Speakers Association of Quebec from 2015 - 2016.


  • MSc of Business Analysis from University of Montreal
  • Network Security diploma from Montreal Teccart College 
  • French language certificate from University of Montreal
  • Strategic Crisis Management from Moscow State University
  • Commercial Management certificate from Amir Kabir University of Technology
  • Crisis Management certificate from Payame Noor University 
  • Advertisement management certificate from Payame Noor University 
  • Digital Advertisement certificate from Shahid Poor Ghazi Center operating under Amir Kabir University of Technology

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