Changes in ICC Board

In the last month, there has been a new change in the ICC board of directors. Hooman Shirazi, who was elected onto the ICC board in 2017, announced his intention to resign from the board.

ICC President Ms. Soudeh Ghasemi, upon learning of Mr. Shirazi’s resignation and the difficulties this this empty seat posed to the organization and the reaching of quorum, received recommendations to fill the vacancy (those who ran in the previous election withdrew their candidacy and were not technically runners-up, as confirmed by legal counsel), as per Section 12 of the ICC bylaws:

For the vacancy of a director who is not also an officer, all vacancies shall initially be filled by appointing the runner-up in the immediately preceding election and if such runner-up is not willing or available to accept the appointment, by appointing the next willing and available individual among the unsuccessful candidates in the preceding election with the highest number of votes. Should no such candidate be available or willing to accept the appointment, then within 21 days of the vacancy the members of the board of directors, except the president, may submit names of candidates to fill the vacancy, provided each candidate meets the qualifications for serving on the board. The board president shall, within 30 days of the vacancy, and after consultation with the other officers, appoint one of the submitted candidates to fill the vacancy.

Ms. Ghasemi received the name of Amir Moazzami, a volunteer with the ICC, through a recommendation by the board. She accepted this recommendation and Amir Moozzami was appointed to fill Mr. Shirazi’s position on the board until the upcoming AGM. 

We welcome Mr. Moazzami to the board and thank him for filling the position.

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