EC 1st Announcement

First announcement from the election committee for the 2015 Annual General Meeting. 

Following is the English translation of the First Announcement from the Election Committee of the Iranian Canadian Congress: 

First Announcement from Election Committee of the Iranian Canadian Congress

Dear respected members of the Iranian Canadian Congress,

This is to inform you that the Election Committee of ICC that has been appointed by the Board of Directors as per Bylaw (As per Section 3, number 5), despite all the shortfalls existing in the bylaw and other difficulties, would like to announce its commitment to conducting a transparent, democratic election on May 24, 2015.

In pursuit of this process we would like to inform you as follows:

1) Pursuant to the Bylaws (Section 5, part 1,2,and 4) and as per previous announcement sent to the members via email and the AGM announcement published in Community press by the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting of the Iranian-Canadian Congress will be held on May 24, 2015. More information could be obtained at:

2) For members' convenience, early voting will commence at 11am on May 24, 2015 at the North York Civic Centre.

3) In order to be eligible to vote, members are required to provide a valid Canadian picture ID which has been issued in Ontario (i.e. Driver's License, Health Card, Etc).

4) For proxy voting, members that hold proxies are required to provide the proxy form along with a valid Canadian picture ID which has been issues in Ontario of the proxy giver in order to be eligible to vote. To obtain a copy of the proxy form, kindly refer to the:

5) As per the announced Agenda by the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting will commence after 2:00 pm.

6) The voting will conclude at 4:30pm.

7) The Election Committee is authorized to extend the voting period as deemed necessary.

8) All Media and press representatives are welcome to participate and provide full coverage of the Annual General Meeting. It is imperative that participants' privacy as well as the anonymous nature of the voting ballots be respected.

9) All Candidates running at the upcoming election are entitled to provide one scrutineer to monitor the entire election process.  The election committee will not intervene with the selection of the scrutineers. The election committee will provide more details to the Candidates and their scrutineer directly.

10) Pursuant to Section 5, item 6 of the bylaw, the outcome of the election will be only valid if 50% plus(+) 1 current members of the ICC participate in the Annual General Meeting. This constitutes the quorum and it is currently being determined by the committee based on the input of the Board of Directors as per membership deadline of May 17, 2015. If this requirement is not met for any reason, the outcome of the election is void. If such a scenario occurs, the By-Law of the organization require the Board of Directors to hold another Annual General Meeting; the outcome of that AGM will be valid regardless of whether quorum is met. We encourage all members of the ICC to attend the AGM in order to achieve the necessary quorum since much effort has been invested into the election preparation.

11)  For the approval of the Treasurer report and the Financial statements, the majority attending the AGM floor shall be sufficient.

(2) The outcome of election will be announced after all ballots have been counted by the election committee which will be reflected immediately on the website of the organization.

13) All disputes and complaints of the candidates shall be raised within the first hour after the announcement of election outcome, and shall be accompanied by proof of the complanit and a list of witnesses. The election committee has the full authority to accept or reject the complaints.

14) All inquires relating to the elections should be communicated to the election committee via: [email protected]

In conclusion, once again, we would like to encourage all members to participate at the upcoming election. We would like to kindly ask respected members, and representatives of Media and Press to avoid dissemination of wrongful facts that will cause members to be discourages from participation and mistrust in the organization, and to base their reports on the announcements made via

Your participation and support will assist the Election Committee to better fulfill its commitment to conducting a democratic and transparent election.


Election Committee, Iranian-Canadian Congress

May 20, 2015

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