ICC Asks Amazon To Remove Hateful Anti-Iranian Shirt


Find below an email from ICC Board Member Younes Zangiabadi asking Amazon to remove a hateful shirt from its platform: 


Dear Mr. Bezos,

My name is Younes Zangiabadi and I am a board member at the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC). The ICC is an advocacy organization that represents the interests of the Iranian Canadian community in Canada.

I am writing to you to express my deep concerns, on behalf of our members, regarding an item that is being sold with racist and offensive notions against the members of our community and the Iranian community at large at your website. This T-shirt perpetuates and facilitates the spread of hate, violence, and Iranophobia and discriminates based on nationality.

With respect to Amazon's policy on banning “items that Amazon deems offensive,” which include products “that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.“, I am asking for the immediate removal of this item from your website.

Amazon has a history of acting against racist propaganda on its website, we hope the immediate and permanent suspension of this seller serves as another example that Amazon does not offer a platform for racism and have zero-tolerance policy towards violence.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Younes Zangiabadi

Board Member
Iranian Canadian Congress

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  • Shodja Ziaian
    commented 2020-10-23 14:12:57 -0400
    I apologize for some obvious mistakes left in my letter to Mr. Zangiabadi. Errata :

    - discriminatory towards women and non-Islamic Closing eyes… -> discriminatory towards women and non-Islamic citizens. Closing eyes…
    - The Islamic regime leaders who should “Death to American”
    -> The Islamic regime leaders who shout “Death to America”
    - within the framework the present Islamic …—> within the framework of the present Islamic regime…
  • Shodja Ziaian
    commented 2020-10-21 23:59:40 -0400
    October 21, 2020

    Dear M. Zangiabadi,

    This is an open letter to you in reaction to your letter on behalf of the ICC Board to Amazon regarding the offending T-Shirt,


    Regardless of the content of your letter asking Amazon to ban a T-Shirt with the inscription of “F… Iran” on it, an initiative that is commendable, except that paradoxically it neglects the fact that Iran has been practically f… by the mullahs in the past 40 years and by Islamics in the past 1400 years, I draw your attention on the following:
    Iran’s flag had been desacralized by wordings in Arabic written on it. This is much more insulting to a whole nation than some stupid f-words written on a stupid T-shirt nobody has to buy.


    1) I have not given you authorization, M. Younes Zangiabadi, to talk in my name. As an active member of the organization, I do not recall having been given the opportunity to choose you as a member of the Board during any due election process.
    2) The present Board’s term came to an end months ago.
    3) The present Board’s representativeness has been challenged through a judicial process, as well as by an impressive number of highly respected members of the Iranian-Canadian community. You cannot have missed something that is obvious everywhere on social media.
    4) The Board should have honorably resigned many months ago when they announced there are only less than a hundred members left out of a thousand.
    5) Unless the Board has decided to fight against the wishes of all those community members you pretend to represent, M. Younes Zangiabadi, decency would be for the Board to keep a low profile until the next elections.


    M. Zangiabadi, wake up to reality and join us for real (not fake) support of Iran. Spend your energy and effort to serve a free, respectable, and dignified Iran, not in support of the present anachronistic corrupt, backward, Islamic regime, a regime officially discriminatory towards women and non-Islamic Closing eyes on this essential problem, doesn’t make the problem disappear.

    Let me be crystal clear about what I mean, and what I think we should be looking for.


    Firstly, I am not a “barandâz”, not in favor of “overthrowing” the government or the Islamic State, and I hope most Iranians feel the same. Although I perfectly understand why others think they are left with no other choice.
    Secondly, I am and have always been strongly against foreign interference in Iran, particularly against military interference. I do strongly condemn two decades of military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US-UK-NATO troops, including Canadian troops. I resigned serving as the Green Party of Canada shadow cabinet, Defense Critic, because of my opposition with Leader Elizabeth May on this point. I wish everyone who would understand the need for peace would take the same position as I do. The Islamic regime leaders who should “Death to American”, never asked for US troops withdrawal, certainly not as strong as I wish, because US military presence and threats help them to mobilize Iranians and suppress opposition. They just want Sanctions to be ended!
    Instead, I am looking forward to a change of Constitution through a peaceful process, a civilized referendum that would give Iranians the opportunity to choose the political regime of their choice. A referendum in due form supervised by all concerned Iranians. The 1979 so-called “referendum” was nothing but a semi-plebiscite implemented through bloody violence under the leadership of Ruhollah Khomeini.


    I am not saying that ICC’s job must be to work on liberating Iran (members decide what they want to do), but I am saying it would be better to guide our actions within the framework of a prospective free and honorable Iran than within the framework the present Islamic oppressive, corrupt, feudal, backward regime, a regime unable to bringing social peace, and economic stability, prosperity and harmony to Iranians. A regime that pushes Iranians against each other, putting Islamic propaganda ahead of Iran’s and Iranians’ interests.


    Yet, the above is just my own position. I’d love to know yours and others’.
    I did ask the present Board to allow me and help me conduct a “scientific” survey (made by a professional polling company), on what Iranian-Canadians have in mind as their ideal regime for Iran. And I will be asking the same from the candidates to the next Board, and the next elected Board.

    Knowing what Iranians want will highly reduce the infighting amongst us.

    The present Board gently rejected my demand. I wish and hope the next Board will respond positively.

    Iranians need to know, once and for all, where they stand and in what different proportions (not everyone wants the same), before moving forward. Publication of the results of such a survey will not only guide any Board but shall highly help Iranians in Iran, who under present circumstances do not have the opportunity to freely express their opinion on the matter.

    Respectfully and sincerely,
    Dr. Shodja Eddin Ziaian, retired professor, York University & U of T., ICC member.
  • ICC Secretary
    published this page in News 2020-10-20 12:55:44 -0400

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