Late last night, the Iranian government released a statement admitting that they shot down Flight 752. As Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized in his press conference, there needs to be transparency, accountability and justice.

The Iranian Canadian Congress condemns the actions of the Iranian government in providing false information to the public during the past three days. Those who have committed this crime of shooting down a passenger airplane and those who have been responsible in releasing false information must be held accountable. 

A transparent and thorough investigation of the tragedy must be completed, with full cooperation and oversight by international bodies and independent investigators to confirm what happened and identify those responsible. 

The families of the victims of this horrible tragedy must be supported in any way deemed appropriate and desired by the families, including through restitution. 

We also ask that the Canadian government works with allies to mediate conflicts in an effort to de-escalate tensions in the region to prevent further loss of life. Canada must stand for peace.

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  • kaveh Abnaz
    commented 2020-01-11 01:50:57 -0500
    Then what about justice , how many time this demonic regime did the same and how many time will do. We Canadian Iranians half of us here half of us there is it humanity that we are condemned of our first right to see our beloved ones in Iran because demonic regime can and may do anything is it right isn’t it time to force them to behave as others till when we should mourn on grave of our innocent beloved ones who had no hand on dirty politics no we wanted peace long time ago and what we got is this what we need this time is justice and tough bustice

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