The Success of the Iranian Community Requires our Cooperation

Here is an announcement from our Public Relations Committee inviting Iranian-Canadian experts to cooperate with ICC for its newcomers settlement program:  

In recent years, the number of Iranian immigrants to Canada has increased dramatically compared to previous years. As a result, newcomers now occupy a large portion of the Iranian-Canadian community. In many cases recent immigrants from Iran struggle with getting accustomed to many aspects of the Canadian way of life. While many Iranian immigrants are highly educated and have tremendous work experience, they still struggle due to their unfamiliarity with Canadian society.

One of the goals of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) is to channel the capabilities and aspirations of Iranian-Canadians towards finding their place in Canadian society. Another goal of the ICC is to accommodate the integration of Iranian Canadians into civic life. The ICC Communication & Public Relations Committee has started to work on setting up informative seminars and meetings, as well as developing an educational website for recent immigrants from Iran in both English and Persian. ICC is pleased to invite all interested experts and business professionals to help us in arranging these information sessions and in putting together content for the educational website.

Currently we are looking for experts in the following fields who are willing to volunteer their time with ICC:

1. Residency & settlement
2. Obtaining official documents
3. Employment & labour market
4. Education
5. Household necessities
6. Language
7. Public services
8. Financial management
9. Law & regulations
10. Health & medical services

Interested experts may forward their contact info (phone & email) to the Communications & Public Relations Committee through the following email address: [email protected]

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