Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

Arsalan-K.jpgDr. Arsalan Kahnemuyipour was born in Abadan but spent most of his youth in Tehran until he moved to Canada with his wife, Kamnoosh Shahabi, in 1998. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University and a Master’s degree in TEFL at Allameh Tabatabaei University. Mr. Kahnemuyipour started his graduate studies in Linguistics at the University of Toronto in 1998 and received his PhD degree in 2004. He then accepted a position at Syracuse University and worked there for six years. In 2010, he returned to Canada and resumed a faculty position at the University of Toronto, where he have worked since. 

Mr. Kahnemuyipour has always been engaged in social and cultural activities. During his  years at Sharif University, he was a founding member of a very active Film Club. In 1999, together with several friends, he founded the Iranian Association at the University of Toronto (IAUT), still a successful cultural organization some fifteen years after establishment. Dr. Kahnemuyipour became a member of the Iranian Canadian Congress shortly after his return to Canada in 2010. In the past two years, he has been very active trying to establish some basic democratic principles such as transparency, accountability and the rule of law in ICC. HE was an active member of ICC’s Policy Development Committee, where he spent tens of hours on revisions to the organization’s bylaws. Most recently, he played a central role in the member-initiated campaign “I am an Iranian-Canadian too”, where, with the help of many volunteers, he managed to sign up hundreds of new members for ICC. The opportunity to speak to scores of community members has given me the energy and dedication to pursue the principles he stands for as an ICC board member. 

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The Iranian Canadian Congress is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization established in 2007 to represent the interests of Iranian-Canadians and encourage their participation in Canadian society.

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