ICC: We Request the Canadian Red Cross to Help Flood Victims in Iran

Here is a letter from ICC President Soudeh Ghasemi to the Canadian Red Cross:

Kind Attention: 

Conrad Sauvé, President of the Canadian Red Cross,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Iranian Canadian Congress regarding the ongoing floods in Iran.
The flash rains began on March 16 in northern provinces of Iran and continued the following days in other provinces. At least 23 out of 31 provinces across Iran are affected by heavy rainfall and flooding, and about 1905 cities and villages have been struggling with floods in recent weeks. The disaster, which has so far killed 70 people and injured at least 790 persons, has left aid agencies struggling to cope and forced 98,000 people to move to emergency shelters. On April 7th the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have started an Emergency Appeal seeking support to help the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) to provide shelter; livelihoods and basic needs to the victims of this natural disaster (Copy of Emergency Appeal). So far German Red Cross, and Turkish Red Crescent have responded by sending equipment and basic needs. Other countries like Switzerland, France, Kuwait are also joining the cause by sending humanitarian aids, and necessary equipment.

We would like to ask the Canadian Red Cross to join the  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to help victims of this natural disaster. Based on reports there is a high shortage of emergency relief facilities and equipment in the country, we request that the Canadian Red Cross help the victims, by sending aid to provide basic needs, shelter, and protection. Also, there are thousands of Iranian-Canadians who are looking for ways to help and at the Iranian Canadian Congress, we are ready to help in any way possible. We are ready to help in promoting any fundraising appeal in our community for this cause. Such action would be greatly welcomed and appreciated not only by the people of Iran but also by over 300,000 Iranians across Canada. 
We appreciate your time and consideration in advance. 
Kind Regards,

Soudeh Ghasemi
Iranian Canadian Congress

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