Complaint letter to AP, Toronto Star, Metro and CTV News.

Please sign this petition and call on Associated Press, Toronto Star, Metro Toronto and CTV News to apologize for the use of a questionable photo in their report portraying Iranian students as terrorists. 

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November 22, 2015


Associated Press

Toronto Star

Metro Toronto

CTV News


We, the undersigned, are submitting this complaint as members of the Iranian-Canadian community in regards to the article published by Associated Press, Toronto Star, Metro Toronto and CTV News regarding the background history of women suicide bombers on November 19 and 20, 2015. This article prominently included a picture of three women filling out forms with the caption: “Iranian students fill in registration forms indicating their readiness to carry out suicide attacks.” The use of this photo in the article has created a sense of outrage in our community over the fact that the photo has nothing to do with the article. While the caption of this photo refers to “Iranian students”, there is no mention of Iran in the article itself at all.

Crucially, there has been no report of Iranian women (or men for that matter) involved in suicide bombings, hence deeming the use of this photo in this article is completely inappropriate. We believe that the photo and the caption portray a misguided negative stereotype about Iranian students and Iranians more generally. The image has no connection to the average Iranian student and to take it out of context and use it for this article is absolutely irresponsible. More importantly, such attempts just feed into the increasing xenophobic and Islamophobic environment in our communities endangering the safety of Iranian-Canadians.

We demand Associated Press, Toronto Star, Metro Toronto and CTV News to publish a retraction and apology for this photo and hereafter refrain from such irresponsible, sensationalised, and discriminatory publications.



CTV News changed the above photo that was initially posted with the report late afternoon on Friday.  

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