Second Announcement from ICC 2016 Election Board

Here is the second announcement from the ICC 2016 Election Board:

Dear Members of the Iranian Canadian Congress,


Just a reminder that the ICC 2016 Annual General Meeting will take place tomorrow, Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge Street.  Please note the following regarding same: 

Election Process

Voting times: early voting will begin at 10am, and voting will continue to 4:30pm. 

AGM Start time: the AGM requires a quorum of 50% plus 1 of ICC members in order to start, with an anticipated start time of 2pm, or at the earliest time thereafter when quorum is reached.  If quorum is not reached by 4:30pm when the voting closes, the AGM will not be held.  A Special General Meeting will be scheduled within 4 weeks thereafter.

Ballot Counting: If quorum is reached and the AGM is held, ballot counting will start at the close of the AGM in a nearby facility shortly after 4:30pm.

Campaigning Limitations: candidates and their aids are prohibited from campaigning or distributing campaign materials within the voting area (i.e. the interior of the North York Civic Centre).

Voter Eligibility

Membership: The ICC Board of Directors has provided us with a closed list of ICC members that are eligible to vote in tomorrow’s election.  We have also been provided with a list of members who must renew their membership in order to be eligible to vote tomorrow.  These individuals can renew their membership online before voting tomorrow, or must bring $10 in cash in order to renew their membership at the time of registering to vote in person or by proxy. 

Required ID: ICC Members must present an Ontario government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or health card) to verify their identity.  If you are presenting a federal government issued photo ID (i.e. passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card), you must present a document confirming your Ontario residence.   You may also present a government issued non-photo ID (eg. Study permit) with a second piece of photo ID.

Proxy voting: If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s election, please ensure you provide a copy of one of the above listed IDs to the person voting for you via proxy, along with the proxy form available on the ICC website:  If you have to renew your membership in order to vote, please make sure you make arrangements for your proxy to pay the $10 membership renewal fee as well. 

Items to be voted on

Election board volunteers will provide each voter with 2 separate ballots. 

First ballot will contain the four motions that have been brought forward for voting at the AGM:

1) To accept the president’s report

This motion requires a simple majority to pass 

2) To accept the treasurer’s report

This motion requires a simple majority to pass

3) To accept the proposed changes to the ICC by-laws

This motion requires a two/thirds majority to pass

4) To pass the motion by four ICC members who do not meet the eligibility criteria/deadline to be a candidate in this election to be allowed run for same

This motion requires a two/thirds majority to pass

Voters will be given the option to vote yes or no for the above.

Second ballot will contain the list of all eligible and non-eligible candidates running for a position on the ICC Board of Directors, and an open list in which to write down the names of the 7 individuals from that list that they want to vote for. 

If the member’s motion (motion #4 on the first ballot) does not pass, the second ballots will not be counted, and the 5 eligible candidates will be acclaimed to the ICC Board of Directors.

Important Notice from the Election Board

The Election Board is committed to holding a fair, transparent and democratic election tomorrow, and requests your cooperation in same.  Any individual, regardless of their position, be it an ICC member, candidate or even board member, believed to be disruptive to the Election Board’s ability to conduct the elections, will be asked to leave the premises and/or removed from same. 


ICC 2016 Election Board

May 14, 2016

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