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Since 2008, the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) has worked tirelessly with the interests of the Iranian Canadian community in mind, and with the core values of peace, solidarity, freedom, justice and transparency. It is unfortunate that the ICC and its board members have frequently been the target of cyberbullying by individuals who oppose our core values, who choose aggression over peace, bullying over freedom of speech, and trolling while cowardly hiding behind their -sometimes unknown- online identity. 

The ICC board members, and the members of the public alike, have been targeted by such bullies on many social media platforms, who aim to create a toxic atmosphere or hoping to interfere with or to discourage the board members from their peaceful activities. 

The ICC board members are and have been aware and prepared to face the trolls and the toxic environment that they wish to create, finding encouragement instead of being discouraged, and determination instead of distraction. After all, the harder the trolls try, the more we have reason to believe in the positive impacts of ICC’s overall strategies, giving us more reason and determination to continue working toward our peaceful ambitions. 

Despite the above, we condemn the acts of cyberbullying, and encourage our members and the public to stay sensitive about such activities. Cyberbullying, especially when it involves physical threats, is a criminal activity and the ICC will assess such activities going forward and may choose to report them to the respective social media platform, or in more serious cases to the police. For further information about cyberbullying please consult the following resources. 

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