ICC Granted Standing at Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference in Federal Electoral Processes

We are pleased to inform you that the ICC has been granted standing at the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference in Federal Electoral Processes in Canada. This is a crucial opportunity for us to actively participate in ensuring the transparency and fairness of our electoral system.

As an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of Iranian Canadians, this is a pivotal moment for us to contribute to safeguarding the democratic process in our country. However, we cannot do this alone.

In order to effectively represent our community's concerns and interests at the inquiry, we need your support. We are reaching out to our members, donors, and supporters to ask for your assistance in this matter.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Financial Contributions: Your donations will enable us to cover legal expenses, research costs, and other necessary expenditures related to our participation in the inquiry. No amount is too small, and every contribution makes a difference.

  2. Spread the Word: Please share this news with your networks and encourage others to support our efforts. The more people we have standing with us, the stronger our voice will be.

  3. Volunteer: If you have expertise or skills that could be valuable to our efforts, we welcome your volunteer assistance. Whether it's legal expertise, research skills, or outreach support, your contribution can have a meaningful impact.

  4. Stay Informed and Engaged: Keep up to date with developments related to the inquiry and participate in relevant advocacy efforts. Your engagement is vital in ensuring that our community's concerns are heard and addressed.

We are committed to representing the interests of Iranian Canadians and advocating for a fair and transparent electoral process. With your support, we can make a meaningful impact at this critical juncture.

If you would like to contribute or get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] .

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the Iranian Canadian community.

Statement regarding the recent escalation of conflict in the Red Sea

Iranian Canadian Congress expresses disappointment in Canada’s decision to participate in the US-led military operation in the Red Sea. Given the exceptionally heightened tensions, these military interventions pose a significant risk of escalating West Asia into a full-scale war, which would be catastrophic for all parties involved, particularly the civilian population throughout the region.  

For over three months, Canadians have been fervently urging their elected representatives to advocate for an immediate and lasting ceasefire to bring an end to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. It is imperative for the Canadian government to demand a ceasefire alongside South Africa in the International Court of Justice against the genocide in Gaza and call for the immediate removal of the blockade affecting the fundamental livelihood of the Gaza population, including access to clean water, food and medication.   

We urge Canada to assume a constructive role in the region, fostering implementation of UN Resolutions, peace, justice and stability rather than contributing to war and destruction. Canadians seek a sustainable ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, fearing the potential expansion of the conflict into neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran.  

Participating in military actions that jeopardize Canadian lives and perpetuate the loss of innocent men, women, and children in West Asia offers no benefit to Canadians and is instead a stain on Canada’s global reputation. It is crucial for Canada to prioritize diplomatic solutions and actively work towards a peaceful resolution in the region.  

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The federal government's position on the Kerman terrorist attack

The federal government's position on the Kerman terrorist attack:
“Canada unequivocally condemns the attack in Kerman, Iran. We send our condolences to the families of victims and wish a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured. We welcome full investigations to determine responsibility for this act of terrorism and hold the perpetrators to account. Today, and every day, Canada stands with the people of Iran.”
پاسخ دولت کانادا به کنگره ایرانیان کانادا درباره موضع دولت در قبال حمله تروریستی داعش در کرمان:
کانادا به صراحت حمله در کرمان ایران را محکوم می کند. ما به خانواده های قربانیان تسلیت می گوییم و برای مجروحان شفای عاجل و کامل آرزو می کنیم. ما از تحقیقات کامل برای تعیین مسئولیت این اقدام تروریستی و بازخواست عاملان آن استقبال می کنیم. امروز و هر روز کانادا در کنار مردم ایران ایستاده است.

Statement on the 4th anniversary of the downing of flight PS752 and the recent terrorist attack in Iran

As we are approaching the fourth anniversary of the downing of Flight PS752 by IRGC missiles, we commemorate the victims of this tragedy as well as those killed this week in the terrorist attack for which ISIS has claimed responsibility in Kerman, Iran. 

As Prime Minister Trudeau rightfully noted in 2020, “If there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families." 

It is crucial to acknowledge that the first victims of war and conflict are innocent civilians. Furthermore, as the tragic incident of Flight PS752 has shown, any threat to innocent lives in Iran is also a threat to Canadian lives. 

Tensions are extraordinarily high, with the United States, Iran, and Israel going on the brink of a regional war that would be disastrous for all involved, including civilian populations across the region. 

We urge the government of Canada to condemn this attack and express solidarity with the people of Iran. Acts of terrorism anywhere in the world inherently oppose humanity, morality, and global unity, and are to be strongly condemned. 

The ties between Canadians and Iranians run deep, necessitating that Canada plays a positive role in the region to foster peace and stability. This includes pursuing a lasting ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, drawing on Canada's longstanding tradition of mediation and diplomacy. 

In the face of this tragic and devastating event, it is imperative to stand together as a community—united and strong. Let us share our compassion, empathy, and connectedness while sympathizing with the grief-stricken families who have lost their loved ones. 

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish recovery for those injured in the terrorist attack. 

Iranian Canadian Congress  


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ICC Letters & Statements 2023

Letter from Minister of Foreign Affairs for using the term "Persian Gulf" in their communications

In January 2022, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs used a fake term for the Persian Gulf during a series of tweets.
The Iranian Canadian Congress protested this issue in various ways and shared this protest with the members of the Canadian Parliament.
Last week, Mr. Francis Scarpaleggia,MP, sent the official response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada to Mr. Mohammad Vahidi Rad, a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Congress of Canada.
In an official letter, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Ms. Melanie Jolly, while acknowledging the permanent name of the Persian Gulf in her official letter, in a way explained the tweet of the Foreign Affairs  to a physical border and emphasized that the federal government also uses and will use the term Persian Gulf in their communications regarding the body of water. 

در ماه ژانویه 2022 وزارت امور خارجه کانادا در طی یک رشته توئیت از عبارت جعلی برای خلیج فارس استفاده کرد.
کنگره ایرانیان کانادا از طرق مختلف به این موضوع اعتراض کرد و این اعتراض را با نمایندگان پارلمان کانادا نیز در میان گذاشت.
هفته گذشته، آقای فرانسیس اسکارپالجیا، یکی از نمایندگان کهنه کار پارلمان کانادا، پاسخ رسمی وزارت خارجه کانادا به اعتراض آقای محمد وحیدی راد، عضو هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا را به ایشان ارسال کرد.
وزیر امور خارجه کانادا خانم ملانی جولی طی یک نامه رسمی ضمن اذعان به نام همیشگی خلیج فارس در نامه رسمی خود، به نوعی عمل سال گذشته وزارت امور خارجه را به مرز سیاسی تشبیه کرد و تاکید داشت که دولت فدرال نیز از عبارت خلیج فارس استفاده می‌کند و خواهد کرد.

Suicide prevention guideline for media

Foreign media outlets are widely publicizing articles in Persian regarding cases of suicide, without following proper guidelines for responsible reporting. Irresponsible media coverage of suicide can potentially lead to what is known as "suicide contagion" or the "Werther effect," where the reporting of suicide incidents can increase the risk of copycat suicides. 


رسانه های فارسی زبان خارج از ایران اخبار خودکشی را به طور گسترده وبدون رعایت پروتکل های خبری منتشر می کنند. انتشار غیرمسؤلانه اخبار خودکشی دررسانه های پرمخاطب، عواقب خطرناکی برای جامعه به همراه دارد که یکی از آنها به عنوان «خودکشی تقلیدی» یا «اثر ورتر» شناخته می شود. پرداختن به جزییات خودکشی وبزرگنمایی وقهرمان سازی، موضوعاتی است که ممکن است افراد مستعد را ترغیب به خودکشی کند. در مواردی دیده شده که افراد از نحوه خودکشی افراد مشهور کپی برداری کرده اند.  


Les médias étrangers diffusent largement des articles en persan concernant des cas de suicide, sans suivre les directives appropriées pour un reportage responsable. Une couverture médiatique irresponsable du suicide peut potentiellement conduire à ce que l'on appelle le "contagion suicidaire" ou l'"effet Werther", où le reportage sur les incidents de suicide peut augmenter le risque de suicides imitatifs. 

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Educational documents and tools against Online harassment and cyberbullying

Since 2008, the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) has worked tirelessly with the interests of the Iranian Canadian community in mind, and with the core values of peace, solidarity, freedom, justice and transparency. It is unfortunate that the ICC and its board members have frequently been the target of cyberbullying by individuals who oppose our core values, who choose aggression over peace, bullying over freedom of speech, and trolling while cowardly hiding behind their -sometimes unknown- online identity. 

The ICC board members, and the members of the public alike, have been targeted by such bullies on many social media platforms, who aim to create a toxic atmosphere or hoping to interfere with or to discourage the board members from their peaceful activities. 

The ICC board members are and have been aware and prepared to face the trolls and the toxic environment that they wish to create, finding encouragement instead of being discouraged, and determination instead of distraction. After all, the harder the trolls try, the more we have reason to believe in the positive impacts of ICC’s overall strategies, giving us more reason and determination to continue working toward our peaceful ambitions. 

Despite the above, we condemn the acts of cyberbullying, and encourage our members and the public to stay sensitive about such activities. Cyberbullying, especially when it involves physical threats, is a criminal activity and the ICC will assess such activities going forward and may choose to report them to the respective social media platform, or in more serious cases to the police. For further information about cyberbullying please consult the following resources. 







Joint statement: Ceasefire now, end the siege, for a just and lasting peace

Iranian Canadian Congress is proud to join with a broad and representative group of pan-Canadian organizations that is raising our voices together for an immediate ceasefire to the escalating violence in Israel-Palestine and for the urgent restoration of humanitarian aid to Gaza and access to the basic necessities of life. We are among the leading pan-Canadian labour, faith, community, civil society, peace and justice organizations in Canada and Quebec. 

You can read our joint statement here.

Le texte en français suit.

Ceasefire now, end the siege, for a just and lasting peace

Issued on Saturday, October 21, 2023

People in Canada are watching in horror as the violence in Israel-Palestine has escalated towards an all-out war.

On Tuesday, the bombing of the Anglican Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City killed hundreds of people, most of them children. Over 5,000 people had been sheltering inside. This is an atrocity.

Since October 7, thousands have been killed following Hamas’ attack and the Israeli government’s response.

We unequivocally condemn the targeting of innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

As representatives of leading pan-Canadian labour, faith, Arab, Jewish, and civil society organizations, we are calling on the Government of Canada to take these steps: 

  • Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel-Palestine

  • Call for an end to the blockade of Gaza and for the restoration of humanitarian aid and access to the basic necessities of life

We endorse the Canadian government’s call for humanitarian aid to Gaza and the safe return of hostages. These demands cannot be meaningfully addressed without an immediate ceasefire and while Israel's blockade of Gaza continues.

Gaza is facing a “complete siege” as food, water, electricity, and fuel have been cut off. Gaza’s last functioning seawater desalination plant shut down on Sunday after running out of fuel. Water and sanitation services have collapsed in the wake of widespread bombing.

UN shelters have also run out of water and hospital workers are warning that thousands more civilians could die if access to water, fuel, and medicine is not restored.

The already dire humanitarian crisis is rapidly deteriorating.

The Israeli government’s order to a million Gazans to evacuate to the south–an impossible feat in 24 hours–suggests that a ground war and intensifying bombing are imminent.

Our most urgent task is preventing the further loss of life and an even greater humanitarian disaster than what we have already witnessed in Gaza. An all-out war would bring catastrophe to the entire region.

As hostilities escalate, they are fuelling a rise of Anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism in Canada–which we also unequivocally condemn.

Beyond these immediate steps, the world must support efforts for a just and lasting peace in Israel-Palestine and address the root cause of the violence: Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestinian territory.

Palestinians, Israelis, and all people in the region deserve to live in peace and security and with justice for all.




  1. 350 Canada

  2. Academic Foundation for Peace-Conflict Studies (AFPCS)

  3. Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia (AMSSA)

  4. Alter Acadie, New Brunswick

  5. Alternatives

  6. Arab Canadian Lawyers Association

  7. ArtHouseTO

  8. Asian Canadian Labour Alliance - British Columbia

  9. Asian Canadian Labour Alliance - Ontario

  10. Asian Canadian Women Alliance

  11. Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians

  12. Association of United Ukrainian Canadians

  13. Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)

  14. Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network

  15. Aura Freedom International

  16. Black Lives Matter - Canada

  17. Bridges Not Borders / Créons des ponts

  18. Canada Social Work Students Collective for Palestine

  19. Canada Stand Up for Palestinian Children’s Rights

  20. Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) / L’association canadienne d’études du développement international (ACÉDI)

  21. Canadian Boat to Gaza

  22. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

  23. Canadian Council for Refugees / Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés

  24. Canadian Freelance Union / Le Syndicat canadien des pigistes (CLU)

  25. Canadian Friends of Sabeel

  26. Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

  27. Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR)

  28. Canadian Palestinian Professional Foundation

  29. Canadian Palestinian Social Association of London

  30. Canadian Union of Postal Workers / Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes

  31. Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) / Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique (SCFP)

  32. Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario / Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique (SCFP) Ontario

  33. Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

  34. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East

  35. Center for Human Rights Research, University of Manitoba

  36. Centre international de solidarité ouvrière (CISO)

  37. Centre justice et foi

  38. Child Care Now / Un enfant Une place

  39. Citizen Rights Movement (CRM)

  40. Climate Emergency Unit

  41. Climate Justice Edmonton

  42. Coalition of Canadian Palestinian Organizations

  43. Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia

  44. Conscience Canada

  45. Conseil central du Montréal métropolitain CSN

  46. Conseil régional Montréal métropolitain FTQ

  47. Council of Canadians - Campbell River

  48. Council of Canadians - Edmonton

  49. Council of Canadians - Fredericton

  50. Council of Canadians - Hamilton

  51. Council of Canadians - Kitchener-Waterloo

  52. Council of Canadians - London

  53. Council of Canadians - Mid-Island - Nanaimo

  54. Council of Canadians - Powell River

  55. Council of Canadians - Saskatoon

  56. Council of Canadians - Victoria

  57. Dogwood

  58. Egyptian Canadian Collation for Democracy (ECCD)

  59. Equality Fund / Fonds égalité

  60. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

  61. Fédération autonome de l’enseignement (FAE)

  62. Femmes de diverses origines / Women of diverse origins

  63. Femmes en Mouvement du Québec

  64. Filipinas of HamOnt

  65. Fondation Béati / Béati Foundation

  66. Fondation Oscar Romero

  67. Force of Nature

  68. Foyer du Monde / Home of the World

  69. Fredericton Palestine Solidarity

  70. Fridays for Future Manitoba

  71. Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU)

  72. Good To Be Good

  73. Health Providers Against Poverty

  74. Hearing Palestine

  75. House of PainT

  76. Human Concern International

  77. Humanité & Inclusion Canada

  78. Independent Jewish Voices Canada

  79. Inspirit Foundation

  80. International Coalition For Human Rights in the Philippines Canada

  81. Iranian Canadian Congress

  82. Jesuit Refugee Service Canada

  83. Jewish Faculty Network

  84. Justice for All Canada

  85. Kairos Halifax

  86. Kairos SWO

  87. Kamloops Islamic Association

  88. L’Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada

  89. La Maison Turquoise

  90. Law Union of Ontario

  91. Le Centre de réfugiés / The Refugee Centre

  92. Le CIBLES - Carrefour international bas-laurentien pour l'engagement social

  93. Le Mouvement d'éducation populaire et d'action communautaire du Québec (MÉPACQ)

  94. Living Skies Regional Council, The United Church of Canada

  95. Maquila Solidarity Network

  96. Mayworks Kjipuktuk/Halifax

  97. Médecins du Monde Canada / Doctors of the World Canada

  98. Middle Eastern Society of the University of New Brunswick

  99. Migrant Workers Centre of British Columbia

  100. Montréal pour la paix

  101. Montréal pour un monde sans guerre

  102. Mothers for World Peace

  103. Mouvement québécois pour la paix

  104. National Council of Canadian Muslims

  105. National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)

  106. New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice / Front commun pour la justice sociale du Nouveau-Brunswick

  107. Oblates Franciscaines de Saint-Joseph

  108. On Canada Project Inc.

  109. Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses (OAITH)

  110. Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

  111. Ottawa Forum Israel Palestine

  112. Oxfam Canada

  113. Oxfam Québec

  114. PalNet Pacific Mountain

  115. PalNet Shining Waters

  116. Pastorale sociale de Côte-des-Neiges

  117. Pastorale sociale de Rosemont

  118. People for Peace, London

  119. Photographers Without Borders

  120. Point Blank

  121. Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) / L'institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada (IPFPC)

  122. Progress Belleville

  123. Progress Toronto

  124. Public Service Alliance of Canada / L’Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada

  125. Rainbow Refugee Society

  126. Refugee Health YYC

  127. Regina Peace Council

  128. Regroupement intersectoriel des organismes communautaires de Montréal

  129. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal, Social Action Office

  130. Run for Palestine

  131. Save the Children Canada

  132. Science for Peace

  133. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Toronto

  134. Soeurs Auxiliatrices, Québec

  135. Sojourn House

  136. South Asian Legal Clinic of British Columbia

  137. South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario

  138. Sustainable Human Empowerment (SHE) Associates Inc.

  139. Syndicat des enseignantes et enseignants du cégep Montmorency

  140. Syndicats des travailleuses et des travailleurs de la CSN

  141. Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes (TCRI)

  142. Table ronde des organismes volontaires d’éducation populaire de l’Outaouais

  143. The United Church of Canada

  144. Toronto Artists for Palestine

  145. Toronto Quakers Peace and Social Action Committee

  146. Unifor

  147. United Jewish People’s Order

  148. United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel

  149. Urban Alliance on Race Relations

  150. Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees

  151. Victoria Peace Coalition

  152. Victoria Raging Grannies

  153. Wilderness Committee

  154. Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism

  155. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

  156. Women’s Shelters Canada / Hébergement femmes Canada

  157. World Beyond War

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انتشار هشتمین شماره خبرنامه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا

(برای مشاهده خبرنامه روی عکس کلیک نمایید)

دوستان وهمراهان گرامی،
هشتمین شماره خبرنامه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا را خدمت شما ارایه میکنیم. هدف ما آشنایی اعضای کنگره و جامعه ایرانی کانادایی با فعالیت های مدیران کنگره و داوطلبانی است که سعی در شکوفایی و پیشرفت این جامعه پویا دارند.
این شماره از خبرنامه شامل مطالب زیر است:
گزارش مجمع سالیانه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا برگزار شده در تاریخ نهم آوریل 2023
پیام همدلی و همبستگی جامعه ایرانی کانادایی
بیانیه کنگره در رد اتهامات بی پایه و تعرض به فرایند انتخاباتی دموکراتیک این نهاد
مسئولیت های اعضای هیئت مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا در دوره جدید
مصاحبه دکتر آرزو خدیر با ژورنال ایرانیان کانادا
فراخوان دعوت از هنرمندان
بیانیه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا در محکومیت آزار و اذیت زنان در محل کار
نامه سرگشاده به رییس حزب محافظه کار کانادا در رابطه با حضور استفان هارپر در کنوانسیون مجاهدین خلق در پاریس
نامه سرگشاده به مدیرعامل شرکت تجهیزات کوهستان در ارتباط با ضرب و شتم یک ایرانی کانادایی
نامه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا به نخست وزیر بریتیش کلمبیا
گزارش جلسات آموزشی کمیته سلامت روان کنگره ایرانیان کانادا
برای سه رئیس با ردپاهای ماندگار
ما ضمن تشکر از داوطلبانی که در انتشار این خبرنامه تلاش کرده و ما را یاری مینمایند بطور ویژه از داوطلبانی که زحمت ویراستاری و صفحه آرایی را میکشند، تشکر میکنیم.
روابط عمومی کنگره ایرانیان کانادا از تمامی هنرمندان، صاحب نظران، نویسندگان،... دعوت میکند که با ارسال آثار و مطالب خود به هر چه پر محتوا تر شدن این خبرنامه یاری رسانند؛ علاقه‌مندان میتوانند از طریق ایمیل با ما تماس بگیرند.
نیازمند کمکهای مالی، فکری و تخصصی شما هستیم.

About Us

The Iranian Canadian Congress is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization established in 2007 to represent the interests of Iranian-Canadians and encourage their participation in Canadian society.

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