ICC Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Tragic Downing of PS752

Today marks the second anniversary of the tragic downing of flight PS752 by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps missiles, and the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Air Disasters. We take this moment to recommit ourselves to transparency, accountability, and justice for the victims of Flight PS752 and their families.  

On January 8, our community was shaken to its core; this day marks a time of mourning and remembering. The Iranian Canadian Congress extends our condolences to the loved ones and family members who are still feeling the loss of the victims every day. We also hold close our fellow members of the Iranian-Canadian community who were deeply impacted by this tragedy. 

Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims who have been carrying the immense grief of this loss for the past two years. We encourage you to light a candle in remembrance of the brilliant people whose lives were taken that day.  

We encourage our community to come together and support one another as we continue to navigate the pandemic and lockdowns. Please check in on your friends and family at this difficult time and consider donating to these memorial scholarships that are in honor of the victims.

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Art project 1400: Roots and Cultural Heritage

Art project 1400, Exhibition 3: Roots and Cultural Heritage

Through this virtual exhibition, ICC invites you to an alleviate celebration of art, roots and cultural heritage of the Iranians and the Turtle Islanders.

Exhibition 3: Roots and Cultural Heritage

Opening ceremony ICC Art project 1400 Exhibition 3: Roots and Cultural Heritage featuring a preface from Dr. Arezou Khadir and Daniel Sarvestani
hosted by Dr. Catherine Richardson

New Date For The Upcoming ICC AGM

We have received requests to give more time to the members to discuss the proposed changes to Article 1 of the ICC by-laws and to know the election candidates. In order to accommodate these requests, as well as an unforeseen delay in the preparation of the audited financial statement of 2020; the ICC board of directors has decided to postpone the AGM from December 22, 2021, to January 30, 2022. The new AGM date will also provide the opportunity to prepare and present the financial statement of 2021 to the members.
To help the members make an informed decision on the proposed by-laws changes, the ICC held a public hearing and information session on December 12, 2021. Video recording of the session can be accessed here.
The ICC board of directors has also decided to extend the deadline for membership renewal to attend the AGM and vote in the upcoming election to January 9, 2022, at 11:59 pm ET. The upcoming election will be held for two seats on the ICC board of directors. We encourage all interested members, who are eligible to run in the election according to Section 2 of Article 5 of the ICC by-laws, to declare their nomination by sending an email to [email protected]. The deadline for sending nomination emails is January 9, 2022, at 11:59 pm ET.
The email must include and attach the following:
A confirmation by the nominee that he or she has nominated himself or herself, or that he or she has been nominated by others and has accepted such nomination, for election to the ICC board of directors;
A confirmation by the nominee that he/she meets the eligibility criteria as set out in Section 2 of Article 5 of the ICC by-laws;
A government-issued ID; and
A synopsis of the nominee’s background/biographical sketch and the reasons they wish to serve as a director on the ICC board of directors (maximum 300 words in English. Farsi is optional. This information is to be provided in an MS Word or pdf file format). A passport-size photo of the nominee in digital format is also optional. Information and the photograph provided by the nominees will be posted on the ICC website.
Please note that only ICC members who have joined/renewed their membership by January 9, 2022, at 11:59 pm ET will be entitled to attend the upcoming AGM and vote in the election. For any membership questions, you may contact [email protected].


Iranian Canadian Congress

ما درخواست هایی دریافت کردیم که به اعضا فرصت بیشتری بدهیم تا در مورد تغییرات پیشنهادی ماده نخست آیین نامه و شناخت نامزدهای انتخابات گفتگوی بیشتری صورت گیرد. به منظور انطباق با این درخواست ها و همچنین تاخیر پیش بینی نشده در تهیه صورت مالی حسابرسی شده سال 2020، هیئت مدیره تصمیم گرفته است که مجمع عمومی عادی را از 22 دسامبر 2021 به 30 ژانویه 2022 موکول کند. تاریخ جدید مجمع عمومی همچنین فرصتی را برای تهیه و ارائه صورت مالی سال 2021 برای اعضا فراهم می کند
برای کمک به اعضا در تصمیم گیری آگاهانه در مورد تغییرات آئین نامه پیشنهادی، کنگره ایرانیان کانادا، یک جلسه استماع عمومی و اطلاع رسانی در 12 دسامبر 2021 برگزار کرد. ضبط ویدیویی جلسه را می توانید در اینجا مشاهده کنید
هیئت مدیره همچنین تصمیم گرفته است تا مهلت تمدید عضویت برای شرکت در مجمع عمومی و رای دادن در انتخابات آتی را تا 9 ژانویه 2022 در ساعت 11:59 شب به وقت شرق کانادا تمدید کند. انتخابات آتی برای دو کرسی هیئت مدیره برگزار خواهد شد. ما همه اعضای علاقه مند را که طبق بخش 2 ماده 5 آیین نامه واجد شرایط شرکت در انتخابات هستند تشویق می کنیم که نامزدی خود را با ارسال ایمیلی به [email protected] اعلام کنند. آخرین مهلت ارسال مدارک نامزدی در انتخابات 9 ژانویه 2022، ساعت 11:59 شب به وقت شرقی است.
ایمیل باید شامل و پیوست موارد زیر باشد:
تأییدیه نامزد مبنی بر اینکه خود را برای انتخاب در هیئت مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا نامزد کرده است، یا اینکه توسط دیگران نامزد شده و چنین نامزدی را پذیرفته است
تأییدیه از سوی نامزد مبنی بر اینکه وی معیارهای واجد شرایط بودن مندرج در بخش 2 ماده 5 آیین نامه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا را دارد.
کپی از کارت شناسایی دولتی
و خلاصه ای از پیشینه/طرح زندگینامه نامزدها و دلایلی که آنها می خواهند به عنوان مدیر در هیئت مدیره خدمت کنند - حداکثر 300 کلمه به زبان انگلیسی. زبان فارسی اختیاری است. این اطلاعات باید در قالب فایل پی دی اف یا ورد ارائه شود. یک عکس در اندازه گذرنامه از نامزد در قالب دیجیتال نیز اختیاری است. اطلاعات و عکس ارائه شده توسط نامزدها در وب سایت کنگره ایرانیان کانادا قرار خواهد گرفت.
لطفاً توجه داشته باشید که فقط اعضای کنگره که تا تاریخ 9 ژانویه 2022 در ساعت 11:59 شب به وقت شرقی به عضویت/تجدید عضویت خود اقدام کرده اند حق حضور در مجمع عمومی آتی و رأی دادن در انتخابات را خواهند داشت. برای هرگونه سوال عضویت، می توانید از طریق ایمیل زیر با دبیر کنگره تماس بگیرید
هیئت مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا

Introduction of AGM candidate Mohammad Rad

I’m Mohammad Vahidirad. My friends have known me as Mohammad Rad for a long time. 

Reasons I decided to run in the ICC elections: 

 For many years, in addition to my business activities, I have put social activities, especially helping immigrants, on my agenda. 

 I may be the only person in the Iranian-Canadian community who has held more than 300 free training seminars for Iranian community and its growth. 

 One of my characteristics that people have known for years that they can count on me and that they have the necessary confidence to raise their problems with me, and I have always tried to help them. 

My only reason for running in the election is to run the congressional education department.  I do not want to do anything else, I will just hold a free monthly educational webinar in the fields of entrepreneurship and employment for the people on behalf of the Congress. 

However, my personal approach is anti-sanctions, anti-violent behavior.  But I feel that the ICC needs first and foremost to be able to provide useful services to the people.  Therefore, my goal in the next year is to hold 12 webinars for the congress, each webinar will be 3 hours long, and the recorded videos of this webinar will be a memory for the people in the future. 

who am I: 

Theoretical mottos have never been enough for me and I have always focused on trying hard to practically operationalize and achieve my goals. However, I am also known as a business theorist and planner, and financing expert at an international level. 

Some of my customers, who are currently my friends, view me as a tree of money and wealth, and believe I have the ability create unique ideas. They recognize me as an economic analyst and business strategist. 

I am literally a pragmatic person. I have never been a good speaker, but can be a good friend and advisor. 

Many Years ago, I decided to immigrate from Iran to Canada. My immigration was not a reason for stopping my activities in entrepreneurship, but to take an opportunity to expand it. However, after years of living in Canada I learned you should remember the dreams you had when you came to the new country. Most of the times the realities are not as colorful as you expect them to be. Remember your dreams are the foundation of your achievements. 

My Work Experience 

  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Court of Arbitration member
  • World Chambers Federation (WCF) member
  • World Chambers Congress (WCC) member
  • Business with\from\in Canada Book’s Author
  • Creator and manager of Canadian franchise 01 Learning (First international Computer learning college for kids) (2019-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Canadian Lifestyle (Supplier of pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements) (2020-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Global Green Construction (first manufacturer of composite finished products) (2018-Present)
  • I-C-P composite production factory’s strategic development deputy (2019-Present)
  • Canada Iran Business Association CEO (2015-Present).
  • Founder of the legal and commercial group of RSM Capital (2015-Present).
  • Owner of the Canada Capital Code Technology company of advertisement and international trading (2014-Present).
  • Capital Ideal Holdings finance company owner (2014-Present).
  • Deputy and legal representative of Canada Multi-Invest financial resource company (2013-Present).
  • Founder and director of Hodhod Cultural Media (The first Persian language non-profit online media in Canada) (2013-Present). 
  • Member of the founding board of Persian Language Speakers Association of Quebec from 2015 - 2016.


  • MSc of Business Analysis from University of Montreal
  • Network Security diploma from Montreal Teccart College 
  • French language certificate from University of Montreal
  • Strategic Crisis Management from Moscow State University
  • Commercial Management certificate from Amir Kabir University of Technology
  • Crisis Management certificate from Payame Noor University 
  • Advertisement management certificate from Payame Noor University 
  • Digital Advertisement certificate from Shahid Poor Ghazi Center operating under Amir Kabir University of Technology

Introduction of AGM candidate Daniel Bagheri

Daniel Bagheri Sarvestani, is a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas and a Canadian Human Rights advisor with Cuso International. He has been volunteering and working internationally for the better part of the past 7 years. Through his field work, Daniel has developed connections with tribal indigenous communities in Western Asia (Iran), Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, and Honduras) and North America (Canada).  His work focuses on the application of Indigenous Peoples Rights/Human Rights discourses, and it impact in shaping social movements and questions of identity. 

Daniel has been an active member of the Iranian Canadian community. He has served as the president of the Iranian Canadian Association at the University of Guelph (2007-2012) and is currently a member of the Iranian Canadian Association of Immigration consultants. By joining the ICC Daniel aims to address the rising tensions within the Iranian Canadian community concerning issues of islamophobia, systematic discrimination, and political uncertainties abroad and at home.

Introduction of AGM candidate Reza Namdari

Reza Namdari is an entrepreneur and leads a construction management firm in Montreal. Born in 1984 in Tehran, he completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Science and Technology. During his studies, he has led various students’ union initiatives and was involved in student-led publications.

Reza Namdari immigrated to Canada in 2008 and completed his Master’s degree in Construction Management at Concordia University. He has been a member of the Iranian Canadian Congress since 2018 and has helped the ICC as a volunteer in Montreal. Reza was of the first members of the ICC volunteer team in Montreal. The aim of this local team is to expand the organization’s presence in Quebec in general and in Montreal in particular.  

Working for peace and opposing any sanctions and discrimination against the Iranian people will be some of his priorities if elected as a board member of the Iranian Canadian Congress.

رضا نامداری در زمینه حرفه ای یک کارآفرین است و در رشته مدیریت پروژه های ساختمانی در مونترال کانادا کار میکند

رضا متولد سال 1984 میلادی در تهران است. تحصیلات کارشناسی خود را در رشته مهندسی عمران در دانشگاه علم و صنعت گذرانده و در حین تحصیل، فعالیت های مختلف صنفی، دانشجویی و مطبوعاتی را در این دانشگاه انجام داده است. رضا نامداری از سال 2008 به کانادا مهاجرت کرد و تحصیلات کارشناسی ارشد خود را در سال 2010 در دانشگاه کنکوردیا در رشته مدیریت پروژه های ساختمانی به پایان برد

وی از سال 2018 به عضویت کنگره ایرانیان کانادا درآمده و یکی از پایه گذاران اولین گروه داوطلبان کنگره ایرانیان کانادا در شهر مونترال بوده است.   

فعالیت برای صلح و مخالفت با هرگونه تحریم و تبعیض علیه ایرانیان، از اولویت های فعالیت های او در صورت انتخاب به عنوان یکی از اعضای هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا خواهد بود. رضا تبعیض علیه ایرانیان را یکی از مشکلات اساسی جامعه ما میداند که به اشکال مختلف شهروندان ایرانی-کانادایی با آن روبرو هستند. وی اعتقاد دارد کنگره ایرانیان کانادا باید نقش کلیدی در جهت آگاهی رسانی درباره تبعیض علیه ایرانیان و  مبارزه با آن ایفا کند

ICC AGM nominations

The nomination window for the upcoming ICC election was closed on December 6, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET. The ICC has received emails from the following individuals (ordered alphabetically): 

  1. Mr. Daniel (Mohammad) Bagheri Sarvestani: Mr. Sarvestani has provided all documents requested in the nomination announcement. While he is currently an ICC member, upon reviewing his membership history, it was realized that he does not meet the nomination criterion of being a regular member with “good standing for at least one year prior to the election” as outlined in the by-laws. 
  2. Mr. Reza (AbdolReza) Namdari: Mr. Namdari has provided all documents requested in the nomination announcement and has been a member in good standing for the past year. 
  3. Mr. Medi (Mehdi) Shams: Upon reviewing Mr. Shams membership history, it was realized that his membership was expired in June 2021, and he has not renewed his membership since then. Thus, he is currently not a member of the ICC and does not meet the nomination criteria as outlined in the ICC by-laws. Also, Mr. Shams did not provide a picture of a government-issued ID, as requested in the nomination announcement and did not respond to a follow-up email asking him to submit this document. 
  4. Mr. Mohammad VahidiRad: Mr. Vahidirad has provided all documents requested in the nomination announcement. While he is currently an ICC member, upon reviewing his membership history, it was realized that he does not meet the nomination criterion of being a regular member with “good standing for at least one year prior to the election” as outlined in the by-laws. 

    According to the ICC by-laws, candidates, who do not meet the criterion of being a regular member with good standing for at least one year prior to the election, can request for an exemption from the members. To facilitate such a request, members will be asked if they are in favour of granting such an exemption in this election on the election ballot. If approved by the members, candidates who are an ICC member but do not meet the 1-year requirement, i.e. Mr. Sarvestani and Mr. VahidiRad, will be exempted, and if elected, can serve as an ICC director. 

    Having said the above, the following three candidates will run for the upcoming ICC election (ordered alphabetically): 

    1. Mr. Daniel Bagheri Sarvestani 
    2. Mr. Reza Namdari 
    3. Mr. Mohammad VahidiRad 

    The ICC election committee 

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Motion to modify article 1 of ICC's bylaws

Motion proposed by Organizational Structure Committee to modify article 1 of the By-laws of The Iranian Canadian Congress .

These changes are proposed after several meetings and discussions and are approved by Board of Directors to be presented at the AGM.

This version of article 1 will be presented as a motion to ICC members at AGM on 22nd of December 2021 for their approval. 

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ICC Election Committee, Correction of the nomination date, and other AGM updates

As communicated previously with you, the next ICC annual general meeting (AGM) will be held on December 22 from 8 pm to 10 pm ET (5 pm to 7 pm PT) through a videoconferencing platform. Please note that only ICC members who have joined/renewed their membership by December 6, 2021, at 11:59 pm ET will be entitled to attend the upcoming AGM and vote in the election.  

Here, we like to provide the following updates on the upcoming ICC election and AGM: 

  • First, we like to correct the nomination deadline from December 1, 2021, at 11:59 pm ET to December 6, 2021, at 11:59 pm ET. 
  • In the upcoming election, members will choose two new board members. The election will be held online, starting and ending prior to the AGM. Members will receive a link through email to participate in the election after December 6. Election results will be announced in the AGM. 
  • The ICC board of directors has selected an election committee, consisting of three ICC members, to oversee the election process. These individuals are: Ms. Afsaneh Kefayati, Mr. Habib Ghaffari, and Mr. Reza Sohrabi. 
  • Instructions to register for the AGM will be shared with the members after December 6. Registered members will receive a link to participate in the AGM. 
  • The organizational structure committee has proposed changes to the by-laws. These changes have been approved by the board of directors and will be put for the members vote. In addition, the board of directors are currently working on finding a practical and effective way for submitting motions by the members. Further updates on how members can submit their motions as well as voting on them and the proposed by-laws changes will be provided in future communications. 

Stay tuned for further updates on the upcoming ICC election and AGM! 

Iranian Canadian Congress

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The Iranian Canadian Congress is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization established in 2007 to represent the interests of Iranian-Canadians and encourage their participation in Canadian society.

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