Upcoming ICC AGM 2023 and Invitations to Nominations

The ICC board of directors is pleased to announce that the next ICC annual general meeting (AGM) will be held on April 9 from 1 PM ET (10 AM PT). The meeting will be held on a videoconferencing platform.  

An online election will also be held for the 7 available seats in the ICC board of directors. We encourage all interested members to consult with Section 2 of Article 5 of the ICC by-laws for nomination eligibility, and if eligible, declare their nomination by sending an email to [email protected]. The deadline for sending nomination emails is March 23 , 2023, at 11:59 pm ET. The email must include and attach the following: 

  • A confirmation by the nominee that he or she has nominated himself or herself, or that he or she has been nominated by others and has accepted such nomination, for election to the ICC board of directors; 
  • A confirmation by the nominee that he/she meets the eligibility criteria, as set out in Section 2 of Article 5 of the ICC by-laws; 
  • A government-issued ID; and 
  • A synopsis of the nominee’s background/biographical sketch and the reasons they wish to serve as a director on the ICC board of directors (maximum 300 words in English. Farsi is optional. This information is to be provided in a MS Word or pdf file format). A passport size photo of the nominee in digital format is also optional. Information and the photograph provided by the nominees will be posted on the ICC website. 

Please note that only ICC members who have joined/renewed their membership by March 30, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET will be entitled to attend the upcoming AGM and vote in the election. For any membership questions, you may contact [email protected]. 

  • In the upcoming election, members will choose seven new board members. The election will be held online, starting and ending prior to the AGM. Members will receive a link through email to participate in the election after March 30th. Election results will be announced in the AGM. 
  • The ICC board of directors has selected an election committee, consisting of three ICC members, to oversee the election process. These individuals are: Mr. Kayhan Razavi, Mr. Habib Ghaffari, and Mr. Reza Sohrabi. 

Support for Khoy Earthquake victims

Since the first hours after the earthquake happened in Khoy,Iran, the Iranian Canadian Congress have reached out to several organizations to figure out the best possible ways for Iranian-Canadians to donate and support the victims of the earthquake in Iran. The ICC only works with registered Canadian charities that are helping the earthquake victims through their partnering NGOs and charities in Iran.

Registered Canadian Charity. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations above $20. Please contact them with your full name, address and the receipt of your donation to get the tax receipt. 

Unfortunately, the earthquake that happened in the Khoy region has caused many problems for the people in this area in winter; problems such as a lack of shelter, lack of heating equipment, food and etc. At this stage, the goal is to buy food, heating equipment, blanket, and food baskets.​ ​Paradise charity is ready to collect your donations and deliver them to the earthquake victims; 

For more information, you can contact the following numbers:

Ms. Tahsinzadeh: 9057370487            Ms. Afsharian: 4168973940

How to pay:
Please write in the description for Earthquake

Intract (Etransfer): [email protected]
Donation by credit card: https://paradisecharity.org/donate

Account numbers:
Be sure to email us a photo of the deposit receipt along with an explanation of the earthquake

Transit# 45922
Account# 0072311

RBC Bank
Transit# 00888
Account# 1017086

ICC statement on 3rd anniversary of downing of flight PS752

On the third anniversary of the downing of Flight PS752 by the IRGC missiles, we commemorate the victims of this tragedy as well as those who were killed in the recent protests in Iran.
With the recent development in the case of Flight PS752, we hope that truth will prevail, and justice will be served for the flight victims and their families.
The Iranian Canadian Congress reiterates its solidarity with the Iranian people and condemns the execution of prisoners without a thorough investigation and denying them from the right to have the lawyer of their choice.
We emphasize once again that human life is sacred and should be respected. While Flight PS752 victims and those who lost their lives back in Iran are not among us, we will always remember them and cherish their memory.
Photo credit: Saman Tabasinejad

2022 جلسه عمومی گفتگو با هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا چهارشنبه 16 نوامبر

ویدیوی کامل جلسه عمومی گفتگو با هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا چهارشنبه 16 نوامبر 2022 ساعت 8 شب به وقت شرق کانادا (5 عصر به وقت ونکوور) که از طریق پلتفرم مایکروسافت تیمز برگزار شد



توضیحات دکتر مسلم نوری درباره محدودیت های کنگره ایرانیان کانادا و نحوه ثبت این سازمان در جلسه عمومی گفتگوی آنلاین با هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا  



گزارش دکتر امیرحسن قاسمی نژاد درباره نتایج آخرین نظرسنجی از اعضای کنگره ایرانیان کانادا در جلسه عمومی گفتگوی آنلاین با هیات مدیره کنگره ایرانیان کانادا 


ICC President Writes to Conservative MPP Goldie Ghamari Regarding Her Defamatory Comments

Here is a letter from the ICC President, Dr. Moslem Noori to Conservative MPP Goldie Ghamari regarding her baseless accusations against the Iranian Canadian Congress. 



Ms. Ghamari, 

On October 26th, while commemorating 40th day of Mahsa Amini’s horrific death in police custody, you attacked the Iranian Canadian Congress. Specifically, you called us “pro-Islamic Regime lobby group”.  

The Iranian Canadian Congress is grassroots, non-partisan, non-religious, and non-profit Canadian advocacy organization, supported by hundreds of members across the country. Your characterization of the ICC as a foreign lobbying group is not only patently false, but also the spreading of misinformation discriminates against a Canadian civic community organization.   

Despite your views, ICC has issued 3 statements since September 16th, in solidarity with Iranian people, particularly women, who are demanding change, their fundamental rights, freedom and justice and condemning violence, oppression and targeted harassment of the Iranian people's human rights to peaceful assembly and protest. Many members of Iranian Canadian Congress have taken part in various demonstrations across Canada in solidary with Iranian people in Iran.  

When we see our volunteers threatened, our board members harassed, and our organization’s name used as a slur in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, we must stand and say Enough. This irresponsible behavior in the past few weeks, has incited harmful behaviour that resulted in vandalism of certain Iranian Canadian centers, verbal attacks, physical abuse and cyberbullying against individuals such as MP of Richmond Hill, Majid Jowhari, as well as other organizations in our community. 

At a time when our community should be coming together, it is disheartening to listen to an elected official fueling the already tense situation in our community, rather than trying to bring people together. Therefore, we ask you to retract your comments and apologize to the ICC. 

If you have any questions about our organization's activities and positions in the future, we ask you to approach us directly rather than directing accusations against us. 



Moslem Noori 


Iranian Canadian Congress 

Iranian Canadian Congress requests to Investigate Corrupt Officials and Embezzlers from Iran

Iranian Canadian Congress requests to Investigate Corrupt Officials and Embezzlers from Iran  


Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Honourable David Lametti, 

Minister of Public Safety Honourable Marco Mendicino, 

Minister of National Revenue Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, 


With the start of the protests in Iran, the Iranian Canadian community has renewed its request to the Canadian government to investigate cases of individuals who have accumulated extreme wealth through corruption and embezzlement in Iran and have fled to Canada. The Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) had previously expressed its concern about such cases in a letter to the Canadian government and launched a petition, supported by thousands of our community members, asking the government to open an investigation on the cases of embezzlers, such as Mahmoud Reza Khavari, using the full power of the Canadian law including but not limited to anti-money laundry laws.  

Despite such requests on several occasions, Iranian Canadians have never received any response, nor has the government taken any tangible action on this issue. The inaction of the Canadian government on these cases has allowed individuals who have enriched themselves from corruption to evade justice and has damaged the Iranian Canadians’ trust in the government's willingness to stand up for the rights of the Iranian people. 

As such, we call on the Canadian government and the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Public Safety and the Minister of National Revenue to do the right thing and finally respond to the request of our community by immediately launching investigations through responsible agencies about the cases of these embezzlers and corrupt individuals. We are confident that such an action will be well received by our community and will reinforce Canada’s position to stand with the Iranian people at this difficult time. 

Our government and law enforcement agencies must prevent Canada from becoming a safe haven for corrupt money and corrupt individuals. Our government must act now! 


Moslem Noori 

President, Iranian Canadian Congress 

ICC condemns the terrorist attack in Shiraz

The Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) condemns the terrorist attack in Shiraz, Iran.

15 people including a woman and two children have been killed and more than 20 people have also been injured on Oct 26, 2022.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish speedy recovery for those injured.

پیام همدلی و همبستگی جامعه ایرانی کانادایی

پیام همدلی و همبستگی جامعه ایرانی کانادایی
در چند هفته اخیر، شاهد مشارکت بی‌نظیر جامعه ایرانی کانادایی در ابراز همبستگی خود با معترضین در ایران بوده‌ایم. حضور ده‌ها هزار تن در تجمعاتی که در شهرهای کانادا برگزار شد نشان از دلبستگی اعضای جامعه مان به سرزمین مادری و کشور عزیزمان ایران دارد و با وجود عقاید مختلف، قلب تمامی‌مان با آرزوی سربلندی ایران می‌تپد.
در کنار این جلوه‌های اتحاد و همبستگی، متاسفانه اتفاقاتی ناگوار مانند آسیب به برخی از مراکز ایرانی کانادایی، توهین و حمله به شخصیت‌های شناخته شده جامعه مان، تسویه حساب‌های شخصی و حزبی، و اتهامات بی‌اساس به برخی افراد نیز به وقوع پیوسته است. در این زمانه حساس، از همه دعوت می‌کنیم که تمرکز خود را بر روی همدلی و همبستگی بیشتر جامعه مان نهاده و با هم‌افزایی بیشتر بتوانیم حامی موثرتری برای هموطنانمان در ایران باشیم.

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed an unprecedented wave of solidarity from the Iranian Canadian community with protesters in Iran. The gathering of tens of thousands of people across Canada demonstrates our community's attachment to our motherland. The desire is palpable to put our political differences aside and make our hearts beat together in support of the popular movement in Iran.

On the sidelines of these demonstrations in defense of the right to free expression, especially of women in Iran, we have witnessed here incidents unworthy of a democratic society like Canada, such as the vandalism of certain Iranian Canadian centers, verbal attacks, physical abuse and cyberbullying against individuals or organizations in our community. This type of behavior is not up to the struggle that the Iranians are currently waging. We thus invite our compatriots to a maximum of empathy, tolerance and synergy to support and help our compatriots in Iran.


Au cours des dernières semaines, nous avons été témoins d’une vague de solidarité sans précédente de la communauté irano-canadienne avec les manifestants en Iran. Le rassemblement de dizaines de milliers de personnes à travers le Canada démontre l'attachement de notre communauté à notre mère patrie. La volonté est palpable de mettre nos divergences politiques de côté et de faire battre nos cœurs à l’unissons en appui au mouvement populaire en Iran.

En marge de ces manifestations pour la défense du droit à la libre expression surtout des femmes en Iran, nous avons été témoins ici d’incidents indignes d’une société démocratique comme le Canada tels que le vandalisme de certains centres irano-canadiens, des attaques verbales et physique et de la cyber-intimidation contre des individus ou des organisations dans notre communauté. Ce type de comportement n’est pas à la hauteur de la lutte que mènent les iraniens et iraniennes actuellement. Nous invitons ainsi nos compatriotes à un maximum d’empathie, de tolérance et de synergie pour soutenir et aider nos compatriotes en Iran.

Statement on the recent Iran protests September 2022

The Iranian Canadian Congress is deeply troubled by the situation in Iran and reiterates its solidarity with peaceful protestors demanding their fundamental rights, freedom and justice. We are devastated to hear about instances of violence and police brutality that have claimed tens of lives and left hundreds of people injured.
The ICC condemns these acts of violence that threaten the sanctity of life and jeopardize the Iranian people's human rights to peaceful assembly and protest. We strongly condemn targeted harassment and repression against women in Iran.
We are also deeply concerned by the state-imposed internet blackouts in Iran - leaving those in Iran unable to communicate with the outside world as well as those in the diaspora unable to connect with their family and loved ones during this difficult time.
Thousands of Iranian Canadian community members have joined the solidarity protests across Canada. We echo their calls for freedom, unity, and peace. We stand with our family, friends, and fellow Iranians back home.

Le Congrès irano-canadien est profondément troublé par la situation en Iran et réitère sa solidarité avec les manifestants pacifiques réclamant leurs droits fondamentaux, la liberté et la justice. Nous sommes dévastés par la violence de la répression et de la brutalité policière qui ont coûté la vie à des dizaines de personnes et blessé des centaines de personnes.

La CIC condamne ces actes de violence qui menacent le caractère sacré de la vie et compromettent les droits humains du peuple iranien à se réunir pacifiquement et à manifester. Nous condamnons fermement le harcèlement ciblé et la répression contre les femmes en Iran.

Nous sommes également profondément préoccupés par les pannes d'Internet imposées par l'État en Iran - laissant les Iraniens incapables de communiquer avec le monde extérieur ainsi que les membres de la diaspora incapables de se connecter avec leur famille et leurs proches pendant cette période difficile.

Des milliers de membres de la communauté irano-canadienne se sont joints aux manifestations de solidarité à travers le Canada. Nous faisons écho de leurs appels à la liberté, à l'unité et à la paix. Nous exprimons notre solidarité avec notre famille, amis et compatriotes en Iran.

Statement on horrific death of Mahsa Amini

The Iranian Canadian Congress is horrified and saddened by the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of Iran’s morality police. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and relatives and support them in their quest for justice. We are in solidarity with Iranian people, particularly women, who are demanding change, transparency, and accountability.
کنگره ایرانیان کانادا از مرگ مهسا امینی در بازداشت گشت ارشاد بینهایت اندوهگین است. ما از صمیم قلب به خانواده، دوستان و بستگان او تسلیت گفته و از تلاش آنها برای اجرای عدالت حمایت می کنیم. همچنین همبستگی خود را با مردم ایران، به ویژه زنان، که خواستار تغییر،
شفافیت و پاسخگویی هستند، اعلام می داریم.
Le Congrès irano-canadien est horrifié et attristé par la mort de Mahsa Amini sous la garde de la police "de la moralité" iranienne. Nous souhaitons adresser nos plus sincères condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et ses proches et les soutenons dans leur quête de justice. Nous sommes solidaires du peuple iranien, en particulier des femmes, qui réclamment le changement, la transparence et l'imputabilité.

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