ICC Board Appoints Mohsen Khaniki as the PR & Communications Chair

Announcement from the ICC Board of Directors:

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Student Tickets For Simorgh Gala 2018

Discounted Simorgh tickets are available for students:

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Important Updates: Simorgh Gala 2018

Here you can find important updates regarding changes in the program for Simorgh Gala 2018:

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Statement from the ICC regarding protests in Iran

Here is a statement from the Board of Directors of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) regarding recent protests in Iran.

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Announcement From the ICC Board of Directors

Here is an announcement from the ICC Board of Directors:

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ICC Provided Written Submission to Senate Committee on Preclearance Act Bill C23

The Policy Committee of the Iranian Canadian Congress provided the following statement and outlined the concerns of the ICC in regard to the changes to the Preclearance Act Bill C-23, which is currently being discussed before the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defense.

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Simorgh Achievement Awards 2018

Nominate yourself or someone else for the Simorgh Achievement Awards 2018:

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Support Earthquake Victims in Iran

Join us on Monday November 20th, 2017 to donate and show your support for the victims of the recent earthquake in Iran.

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Survey on Discrimination faced by Iranian-Canadians





         Our organization recently completed an online survey of more than 600 Iranian-Canadians on racism and discrimination faced by them in their daily lives. A large majority of respondents (65%) report experiencing discrimination personally. Respondents cited discriminatory experiences in their workplace, in social settings, and at border crossings and air travel. Importantly, many of these experiences are tied to, and a result of, hostile and antagonistic policies and rhetoric against Iran on the international stage.

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Senator Frum Must Apologize to Iranian-Canadians

On October 26, 2017 during the debate on Bill S219 (Non-nuclear Sanctions Against Iran Act) Senator Linda Frum said the following about Iran and Iranians:"Bill S-219 is grounded in a moral and ethical purpose, and that is to monitor one of the most maligned nations in the world and to calibrate our nation’s sanctions accordingly."

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About Us

The Iranian Canadian Congress is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization established in 2007 to represent the interests of Iranian-Canadians and encourage their participation in Canadian society.

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